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Project SHINE Sponsorship Program 

Project SHINE is more than just photographing breast cancer survivors, it's focusing on the emotional healing of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  While there are lots of treatments and surgeries to help heal their bodies, there is little support for the emotional scars these women endure.  With your help I can continue to help breast cancer survivors 'feel' empowered and inspired through conceptual imagery.

SHINE Inspirational Cards - $550/100 cards, $1100/300 cards
5x7 Fine Art Greeting Cards + Envelopes (you choose the image). A great personal touch to send to your patients after their surgeries or as your office holiday cards. (Inside is blank or personalized with a message from you/your staff as well as mention of your sponsorship with Project SHINE.)

One Time Sponsorship - $500/survivor

Monthly Sponsorship - $800/ survivor

Photoshoot includes:
~ detailed consultation to get to know each woman and their story
~ custom photoshoot with professional hair/makeup artist
~ unique props for each conceptual theme
~ each survivor receives 1 classic portrait (matted 11x14) 
~ creating an artful, storytelling image for the projects collection.
~ interviewed by the writer of my future SHINE book, who is also a survivor
You receive:
~ either a 5x7 portrait print of each women you sponsor OR
   a Sponsor Album with images of each woman you sponsor.
Inspiration Wall Art -  (1) $1000 /  (2) $1800 /  (3) $2500 





Park City, Utah and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina